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Based on Your Feedback, Here Is What To Do Next Time So You Don't Shut Down Or Slip Into Avoidant Behavior...

This score indicates your nervous system gets activated when your partner is unpredictable. There is probably a good chance your did not feel important or that your voice mattered when you were younger.

The biggest challenge for this style of communication, is to realize the past does not equal the present or the future.

The second biggest challenge is you learned to shut down your impulses to communicate at such a young age you may even find my words hard to believe. Unfortunately, you have habituated the pattern to the point that you think getting quiet or shutting down is the safest bet to deal with life conflict or difference when they show up. (I know this one well as it was totally unsafe to say what I thought as a child)

That assessment could not be further from the truth. If you want true liberation and constant joy, then you'll learn how to feel ALL your feelings again, learn to assess the situation better (not from being on autopilot) and speak your mind to gather more information for the other person.

Click on the button below to get the guide that will go into great detail and teach you all about your unique preferred style of communication. It will also, review the other styles just in case you sometimes fall into other patterns. (We are not always one or the other of the three types)

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